VDE Association

In order to support this project that started with personal funds, an organization, la Voie de l’Espérance (the road of hope) was created in Burkina Faso with two sister organizations in Europe, one in Switzerland and the other in France.

It is through these organizations that funds are collected to:

  • finance the sponsorships for students from the village
  • support the infrastructural development of the school (donations).

Donations are made to the school and are entirely invested in:

  • the construction of new buildings (dining hall, new classrooms…)
  • the purchase of new equipment (school furniture, teaching equipment)


The Lycée MLK aims to brings together all social classes of Burkina Faso so that students from villages and cities live, grow and learn together. For this, we need sponsors for students coming from the villages.

Financial and material donations

The Lycée MLK is a recent project in full growth and which needs regular investments: new classrooms, new dormitories, teaching material, computer material, etc…

The different branches of VDE

M. Zbinden as well as M. Sternberg travelled to Burkina Faso with their families,
visited the Lycée MLK and shared precious moments with all the parties involved in the project.