Financial donations

The Lycee MLK is a young and dynamic project which started off with private funds. Thanks to numerous patrons and acts, we were able to raise funds to continue the advancement of the campus (construction of dormitories for 100 students). Our ambition does not stop here since we hope to grow in order to welcome more students in a suitable infrastructure. This is why we seek, in parallel to sponsorships, donations that will be fully invested in the Lycée. Find details on current projects.

Just like sponsorships, financial transfers are managed by the VDE Organization which has a branch in Switzerland, in France, and in Burkina Faso depending on the currency of your donation. VDE Switzerland and VDE France are recognised as being of public utility. Your donation can thus be deducted from your taxes depending on the amount. For more detailed information, please contact VDE Switzerland (M. Sternberg) or VDE France (M. Zbinden).

How to make a donation ?

You can make a donation using two different means depending on your currency:

  1. Bank transfer: EUR and CHF (and all other currencies)
  2. Bank checks: EUR only

Material donations

We are always looking for material that is new or in good condition that could be used in the Lycée or distributed in the villages depending on the needs. This material is regularly sent by container to the Lycée MLK in burkina Faso.

We are looking for:

  • Toys
  • Clothes
  • Computer equipment
  • School equipment (stationery, books, pencils…)
  • Diverse tools, small agricultural equipments,…

The next container leaves: TBD

If you are interested, please contact VDE France (Raymond Zbinden) who is in charge of the conatiner.